Are you a cat lover? Do you have a bunch of cat buddies at home who are not able to use the apartment outdoor for their poops? Then, cat litter boxes & pans come to your rescue. Cat litter mats can also be used for the same purpose. If you want to have an idea about these cat litter mats, gives you a lot of options and ideas of how to use them to suit your pets. The cat litter mats are a good option if you need to make sure that your house is not becoming a mess.

When we use cat litter boxes, your cat could litter out of it and mess up your floors. In some cases, when litter pans are used, your kitty can start urinating in the sides of the boxes and hence can end up making your floors dirty. Even litter that is stuck to paws of your cat can take litter marks all over the house. In order to avoid these, litter mats come in handy. Litter mats are used according to the use of each cat. The size of the mats should also be as per the requirements. The mats have to be easy to wash and waterproof. These should also be able to soak the wet paws of your cat so as to ensure that cat litter is not tracked all over the house.

The best litter mats for your cat should be purchased keeping in mind the character of your cat. If your cat seems to find it difficult to keep litter inside the box, you will need to get a medium sized mat. In case your cat is too eager to move out of the box and thereby tends to drop it outside the box, you will need a larger mat to make sure that the litter is not spilled on the floor and making it a tough task for you to clean. Mats with a loofah type of material would help in taking care of such situations. Extra thick mats are also available, in case your cat has become used to urinating outside the box or pan. Litter mats with good designs are available which can make sure that your décor is not compromised.

Cat litter mats with small indentations and outer channels are available in the market. One might think that you can also use a rug or a carpet, but these are going to be a tough bet when it comes to cleaning. You will also need a good sized tray. If the tray is too small, then you might have the same problems like that of using just a pan or a box.

You might have come across the idea of having a fully enclosed litter box so that you do not have to worry about your kitty littering outside of it. Do keep in mind that most cats don’t like such enclosed places and might end up littering outside the box, which would only double your work and not make anything easy.