Fire Protection Solution

Over the years, either due to human-made reasons or natural calamities, catastrophic fire incidents are on the rise. All the major countries report a massive loss of life and infrastructure every year caused due to fire. As it is said “Prevention is better than cure”, having a complete fire protection system in place can make the impact of such incidents much more minimal. offers an array of equipment’s which can make your workplace and home much more safer and fire proof. Timely instalment and periodic maintenance of this equipment ensure fast and timely control over massive fires. has reported that governments have become very stringent and strict for all the commercial building to follow fire safety regulations. It has become a regular practice for offices and large residential societies to do fire drills educating people to use firefighting equipment and the protocols to be followed.

Various fire safety services are available:

Fire sprinklers: Fire Sprinklers are the most efficient in residential and commercial building construction. They raise the alarm and immediately come into action automatically, once a fire or spark is detected anywhere. There are varied designs available for commercial and residential fitting which is finalized based on the hazardous level, height and size of the building.
Kitchen Suppression sprinklers: They are mandatory required in restaurants and large kitchen setup. Burns caused due to top water on grease is very fatal and timely controlling the fuel source is vital.

Fire Extinguisher: There are different class of fire extinguisher meant to be used for separate purposes. Class A is for common combustible materials like wood and paper, Class B for liquid fires, Class C for electric fires, class D for metal fires and class K for greasy fire. It’s a must have equipment required to be kept in all floor of the building for immediate action.

Fire Alarms and Emergency Lights: These become really important when there is power break down due to fire. Since everyone is in panic, absence of any direction disorients the masses. Emergency lights come really handy in such situation. Fire alarm timely alerts the occupants to take necessary steps in vacating the property.

Backflow testing services: Backflow is reversal flow of contaminated and polluted water supply into drinking system. To ensure purity levels of drinking water backflow assembly are build which should be periodically tested.

Fire hydrant testing: Fire hydrants is a connection point by which firefighters can tap into a water supply. The periodical servicing should be performed for errors like accidental damage, wear and tear or any mechanical problems.

Importance of fire protection plan
Fire safety equipment without maintenance become virtually useless. In most of the analysis of fire incidents taken place in the past, it has been observed that although fire protection system is in place due to zero maintenance, massive fires could not be controlled. Commercial setup skips comprehensive testing schedules which risk life and infrastructure largely.
Armor Fire Protection Inc offers designing and installation for various fire protection equipment. Just by booking an appointment, you can easily schedule maintenance of installed facilities.