walking on concrete

Walking is considered to be the best and effective exercise available for everyone without any cost. A good and optimum body movement is established while walking and it is extremely good for all the body organs. According to experts people who are using best shoes for walking all day are sure to have a better respiratory system and a good blood flow. However, when to walk and where to walk are the immediate questions that come to the minds of all health conscious people. One can find the right answer to these questions in the website www.active.com. This article is primarily intended for such walkers, and now they are educated about some ill effects of walking on the concrete surface.

Though walking is considered to be a healthy activity, walking on a concrete floor can surely have some negative effects on the body, such as pain in the back and can cause some foot injury. This was fully explained by many foot experts who are on the view that walking on concrete with the wrong shoes can do the damage to worse. According to them, one should wear a right pair of shoes while walking on the concrete floor due to avoidable reasons.

For the benefit of the readers few of the vital side effects of walking on concrete are discussed here:

Continuous walking on concrete can cause Plantar Fasciitis, which is said to be a condition which causes severe pain on the bottom of the heel where the arch and heel bone are connected. This disorder is commonly seen among the people who use high-heeled shoes and those who walk on concrete for long hours. Medical experts suggest these individuals some stretching exercises and advice them to use the heel pad on the arch-heel junction. When this disorder worsens for a long time, one has to consult a foot specialist who can treat you after evaluating the condition of the foot.

The growth of ingrown toenail seems to be a common occurrence for those who are frequently walking on the concrete floors without any sort of resting period. Such a condition can also occur in the individuals who have bad foot hygiene and some infection. In such circumstances, it is better to have a consultation with the right medical experts for the appropriate treatment.

As per medical experts, individuals who are walking on the concrete floor for long hours can be affected by a unique disorder known as Bunion, a condition where severe pain is felt due to the misaligned bone in the joint of the big toe. In worst cases, this disorder may need surgical treatment depending on the condition of the misalignment. One has to consult the right expert for this condition.

Too much walking on concrete can also cause a kind of stress fracture, where the overloaded stress while walking on concrete can have a great impact on the bone instead of the muscles. Women carry more risk of this disorder as they have less bone density which cannot absorb such shocks.