Selecting the right candidate for a job is pretty hard. The company is entrusting a person a responsibility if not taken care can affect the reputation of the company. It is a huge responsibility to select a candidate. You cannot simply do a face to face interview and select a person for the job. Background verification of each candidate is as important as the recruitment. There are a lot of agencies like Triton which can do background verification for your convenience. If you face any discrimination while doing a background checking, you can get legal help from the government, says

When an interview happens most of the job seekers will not tell any other information about them. Honestly, it is not their duty to say truth, but it is your responsibility to find truth. The candidates want to impress the interviewer; that is why they hide certain things which they think is not necessary. But what they think should not be a barrier for you to ask. You should ask them about the things which you should know as a recruiter. If the answer given by the candidate is not satisfactory, you should do a background check on them immediately.

A background check must include a complete and thorough verification of the candidates’ education and previous work histories, if any, along with a complete drug test and you should check if the candidate has got any criminal cases in their name or if there were any in their name. There are so many agencies which can help you in completing the above checking. Once you find that the candidate is not co-operating or not ready to give you the information you need to complete the background checking, it is better not to select that particular candidate.

As per some studies, most of the criminals or any charge put on a person came out to be an employee of some good organization. To avoid these circumstances you should do a background checking. By verifying the candidate’s you are putting a full stop to the future problems, which may arise. Secondly, you can introduce the person who has a good background verification score, proudly to the management. The HR will be happy to offer the job to that candidate. By doing this your chances of getting promotion will be high and your management will trust you forever.

A background checking is possible if you have a tie-up with any agencies, which do background verification for offices. Another way is to use software that can have all the details of the candidates, whether they have any criminal backgrounds etc. You can ask the candidate to do a drug test at their cost which you can reimburse later. Many candidates agree to do a check- up at their cost if they come to know that they will get the refund. These are the best ways to get proper background verifications of a candidate. Now day background verification is not an option; it is a part of recruitment.