The word condo may seem high fashioned in the real estate market. But condo is just a word given to the residential or commercial space. The main fact that differentiates the traditional house from a condo is the type of ownership the buyer has on the property. When a condo unit from a high-rise building is bought, the ownership scope of the buyer is only within the condo unit. The other areas in the condominium like the stairs, elevators, corridors, garden, parks, swimming pool, parking, lobby and garage will be shared with the other condo owners. Realtor search services like the Sea Pines help in refining your search of a condo. But the choice is endless.

The numerous tips on evaluating the kind of condo that suits your need are detailed in The type of condos is categorized based on the durability – whether it is a new or old condo, usage – residential or commercial and size – large townhouses or individual homes.

Based on this one can easily opt the right type of condo that fulfills the objective.

Type based on durability
There are new condos built with all the new facilities. But there is an equal welcome for vintage type condos which are nothing but renovated old buildings just to protect the valuable traditional architecture. Let see the features in both these types as a comparison. The main feature that makes the newly built condos stand apart from the rest, is the availability of amenities like parks, gym, restaurants, salons, spas and so on. Whereas the old condos don’t show much interest in the high sophisticated facilities, but focuses on the basic amenities a condo should possess. Newly built condos have similar architecture, the ceilings are not normally high, have open spaces, furniture closets, efficient wiring and walls are thinner, thereby allowing noises very audible from the adjacent rooms.

Whereas, old condos which are renovated from an already existing ancient building has good quality wood walls, flooring and limited cupboards, the space for certain activities like a sit-out area is restricted due to the old designing, wiring, HVAC units and piping will be old fashioned and have very thicker walls.

Type based on usage
Based on the usage, the residential condos which is completely for residential purpose comes along with partitions, new or renovated one, due to the modernity the electrical and piping will be hidden and comes along with a standard size window. Loft, on the other hand, comes with very limited partition, and is for office space, can be a new one or renovated old factories which have exposed wiring and piping, open ceiling or a high ceiling.

Type based on space
Based on size condos can be categorized as townhouses and individual villa. Townhouses come with a large area, small yard, usually found in suburban and urban areas, have a community to mingle with, sharing of the common area is found and comes along with the amenities like parks, gardens, gym, etc. which are shared by the unit occupants. The individual villa comes with a relatively large area than the townhouse, large yard space, found prominently in the suburban area, chances for being a community with the neighbor is minimal due to the distances between the villas and comes with only a private pool.

Fix your type and have a happy condo living.