Granny flats have gained much attention from homeowners today as they no longer serve just grannies but act as a great alternative to accommodate young adults as well as teens , students, young families and even home based businesses which may be rented out to the prospective tenants. Addstyle granny flats are known for their quality as they use the best materials and are completely customised to meet the requirements of your home providing you optimum returns on your investment made. Get inspired by 10 spring color palettes recommended by

So are you looking for the right granny flat builder? Well the choice may not be as easy as it seems. Given a long list of builders, the design and cost are just a few of those factors that matter. The details cannot be ignored as this may aggravate your problems causing delay or poor performance quality while burning a hole in your pocket. You can avoid such hassles and make the right choice of your builder right away by following a few simple criteria:

Time and budget

Is the builder reliable enough to accomplish the given project within the specified time frame? Find out how many projects he has completed in the past which will establish his reliability. Try to get customer references from the previous projects undertaken by him. Also make sure that you obtain a review of the planning, process, site management and workflow and make provisions for sufficient allowances for any unforeseen contingencies.

Home Warranty Insurance

Most of the customers may tend to overlook this factor. You must ensure that your builder has the insurance coverage for the project undertaken by him. If this fact is ignored, you could find yourself in dire straits in case of any accidents.


The builder must have suppliers who are qualified and reliable enough. This will reap the optimum results. In other words, it means that the builder should not go for low cost and unskilled suppliers that would adversely impact the quality of the end result.
Here again the sourcing of your materials also matter which means selecting niche quality materials that would last a lifetime.

Specialised builder

While choosing a builder, go for the one who is specialised in the construction of granny flats. There might be some other builders who are more into the building of primary homes, sheds, carports, renovations etc. They might just be offering granny flats as a means to earn quick bucks at the customer’s expense! So do ensure that they are experienced well enough with specifically granny flats.

Keeping a note of the above mentioned points, your quest for the ideal builder specialising in granny flats will get easier and soon enough you would be able to find the builder who is trustworthy enough and who can give you your money’s worth! So before you pick your granny flat builder, do prepare a checklist containing these points so that you do not miss out any important facts that could make a visible difference to your choice and your dream home.