The famous stanley fatmax is from the well-known brand Stanley, which has developed locking pliers and supplied in the global market. These special pliers are innovative and user-friendly. Web site can be browsed for knowing more details about the recent innovations made in the hand tools used at home or workshops. This short write up will be handy for the readers as well as the budding engineers and tradesmen to know some facts about pliers.

Pliers form an integral part of any home or professional tool kit. These pliers are made with a pair of metallic levers that are joined at a fulcrum. The longer portion of the player acts as a handle while the shorter portion functions as jaws used to operate and to apply force with precision. The jaw portion is the operative area mainly used for the tasks such as gripping, fitting, cutting, gripping, and working with tiny objects. Though pliers are used for common purposes, designers have made pliers for specific operations and named them as cutting pliers, Cobra pliers, crimping pliers, locking pliers and so on.

Classification of pliers

In general, pliers are identified as two types namely the locking pliers and the adjustable pliers. The former one can able to open various width sizes through the way of slipping the pivot into the respective grooves. This type of pliers is used to grip both flat and curved materials in a better manner. Also, this tool is the right option to tighten or loose nuts and bolts. On the other hand, the locking pliers contain jaws which can be fixed in place with a locking facility. Apart from fastening the metal nuts and metal bolts, this type of pliers can act as clamps, vises or even wrenches.

When it comes to the type of gripping pliers, they come with many variations such as flat-nose, circular nose, needle nose and much more. All these design variations incorporated in these pliers make these tools to have a great grip and hence can be applied to remove nails or to force two objects apart.

Wide range of applications

Pliers of all types are used for various applications ranging from jewelry design to building large power electrical boards. Also, pliers can be used for small things such as removing nails from wooden boxes

General variety of pliers

Pliers have specific jaw types to turn, force, crease, or cut an assortment of materials. There are different types of pliers available in the local market. These pliers are meant to carry out some specific purposes. For the benefit of the readers, the usage few common types of pliers are listed below:

1. Cutting Pliers: Cutting pliers are primarily used to cut wires of various gauges, nails and plastic sleeves. Pliers with a long handle are used to cut thicker gauges of wires.

2. Linemen pliers: This type is exclusively used by electric-supply technicians to cut strong wires in the high-power line. These pliers are well used for twisting the wires and also form a perfect insulation while working with the activated wires.