Though technologies and fashion have improved to a great extent, the use of timber products hasn’t diminished. Today, timber products are found in various homes in different forms such as skirting, furniture, flooring, windows, etc. The durability of the timber products depends on various factors like type of wood, quality finish, exposure to elements, etc. You should choose the type of wood based on the usage. For example, skirting boards made of oak because of its excellent strength and durability. Oak skirting board can effectively withstand moisture damage, impact and other forms of abuse. You can visit to know more on DIY tips for wood maintenance, decoration, finishing, etc.

Timber products require regular maintenance and care. Maintenance activities help to the timber products to retain their original and beautiful look and prolong life time. The frequency of periodical checks and maintenance activities vary due to reasons like the type of finish or paint chosen and other local climate and environmental conditions. You may protect your timber product on your own by using the primer and paints purchased from your nearest hardware store. However, what is more, important is you have to follow the instructions provided by the paint/primer manufacturer. Store the timber care products safely, so that you can use them again in the future.

The manufacturer’s guide tells you how to apply the finishing coat and paint, and also tell the duration of drying. Make sure to remove the stains and debris from the timber surface before beginning your coating and painting job. You should clean the timber surface with a soft cloth and proper solution. Avoid using harsh scrubs and chemicals for cleaning. All the timber products, which are highly exposed to outdoor conditions, require more care. If possible, you can cover the external doors with hood or sheet of cloth whenever possible.

Interior doors, though not exposed to serious threats, still need some sort of protection from dust, moisture, mildew, and mold. You can apply paint on the internal doors forattaining a better look and protection. Using a professional service for your timber maintenance could be an expensive proposal. To avoid the expense, you can try to do maintenance work on your own. There are many guides on the Internet to teach you how to teach you DIY timber maintenance.

In addition to paints and finishing, you should control the factors that can affect the timber. Generally, the life of the timber is affected by excessive moisture, pests, huge exposure to sunlight, etc. You should regularly check whether there are any water leaks inside your home. Hidden water leaks can damage your wooden floors and windows. When it comes to pests, the termites pose a great threat to most timber products. Termites can silently invade your home and destruct most timber products without your knowledge. Henceforth, should regularly check for any pest invasion.

Do not leave mold and mildew for long. Try to remove them as early as possible. By following the above tips, it is definitely possible to extend the life of your timber. You can hire a professional if you do not have enough time or confidence in carrying out the maintenance work on your own.